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Want to start your own cannabis business?

As seen on FOX News, Huffington Post, Westword, the Marijuana Business Academy has trained thousands of entrepreneurs turning ideas into successful businesses. Offering business consulting, training, legal services, webinars, boot camps, seminars and live streaming to help you reach your goals in the cannabis markets. The academy helps those with an entrepreneurial spirit profit in the cannabis industry.
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How to Cannabis Webinar

Mark your calendars! Take the first step and join our monthly how-to cannabis market webinars. Take an informative and exciting 30-min. journey into the ever-changing 'marijuana matrix.'


Next Webinar: Thurs, April 23rd!

How To Online Training

Start smart with our monthly online 60-min. group training seminars. Learn the rules, regulations, licensing types, process and best business practices for start ups and maximize your chance of success.


Next Training: Thurs, April 30th!

Advanced Cannabis Seminar

Want it all? Master the rules. Save time and money with our all day marijuana business seminar lead by CEO KC Stark and Charles T. Houghton, Esq. Learn the A-Z of the cannabis business.

Next Seminar: Sat, June 27th!

Private Cannabis Consulting

Want to start today? Have questions? Maximize your cannabis success with a private consultation with the "Steve Jobs of Cannabis", KC Stark, Offered in person, by phone, internet or Skype; in-depth 45 and 90-min. sessions.


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What You'll Learn

Rules, regulations, laws, licensing, zoning, leasing and more

The MMJBA offers comprehensive step-by-step training platforms covering critical topics: qualification process, state applications, seed to sale tracking, medicine and money, retail & cultivation operations, choice of entity, commercial leasing, Marijuana insurance, banking, security requirements, inventory obligations, State filings, taxes, special allocations, federal tax issues, compliance and tracking, accounting, theft prevention, and essential tips to avoid failure and increase your chances of success.





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